sweden's first japanese
dinner club

We have for several years shared the dream of running a modern Japanese restaurant, serving creative Japanese fusion dishes and well-made cocktails presented in a beautifully designed venue with a lively atmosphere. This concept is popular abroad and we have collected a lot of inspiration from progressive restaurants such as Zuma, Nobu, Tao and Baoli.

It has always been important for us not to be a copy of the above established chains, but to stand for something unique. The idea to open Sweden’s first Japanese dinner club came about through man argumentations ans discussions, which shaped our own and unique gastronomic philosophy.


In Robata Bar, vegetables, meat, fish and shellfish are cooked under intense heat according to Japanese barbecue tradition. Our Sushi Bar focuses on simplicity and quality. No detail is too small regarding our nigiri. Using extra hot rice, as well as cold and fresh fish creates a food experience that truly melts in your mouth. Our unique sushi rolls are available in a variety of exciting combinations and offers amazing taste experiences.

The remaining kitchen is where we make our creative interpretations of the Japanese cuisine. Our corn tempura and creamy sriracha glaced tempura shrimp are some examples of this. We also serve hot Toban toasts in different combinations with yuzu ponzu sauce and kimchi name, presented in a traditional cast iron pan.


We have from our sister company Bubbles & Brunch learned the art of entertaining guests while they eat and then, amazingly, transforming the meal into an unforgettable party. We have done this with great success and are completely unique with this concept.

Entertainment for guests does not just mean it's a party. We offer this experience in every part of the room - whether it is our professional service, our drinks served in creative presentations or our world-class food.

The experiences we offer to our guests are what make us unique and that's something we'll never stop developing!


Our cocktails bring inspiration from both old and new culture, combined with an amazing legacy of traditions, symbols, art, landscapes, animals, toys, candies, spices and herbs from all corners of Japan.

Whether you are looking for sweet, sour, fruity, salty, earthy or light cocktails, you will find the whole tasting spectrum and more in our menu.
With a unique selection of different breads with carefully selected ingredients, you'll see classic cocktails with a special twist, as well as some of Kasai's signature cocktails.

We want to create a special moment just for you. That's why we play around with unique flavors, smells, looks, burns, textures and feelings.



Paulo Fagundez, Jerry Forsberg and Felix Granander, together with Danny Elmaleh - the culinary mastermind, probably best known for his award-winning Cleo concept, have developed a very unique collection of experiences and skills, which all have been part during the development of Kasai.