Asian lunch in Malmö

Finally lunchtime!

Welcome to Kasai in the Sky and enjoy a quick, delicious and affordable lunch with the best view in Malmö. With us, every meal is an experience that we are proud to share with yo

Our lunch menu features a selection of the best of Japanese and Swedish cuisine in a delightful combination of newly created and innovative dishes.

The lunch holds the same quality as the rest of the restaurant's menu, but in a more efficient format, because we want you to have as much time as possible to enjoy your lunch.

Less time to wait and more time to eat, plain and simple.


Monday - Friday11.30 – 14.30

Lunch menu

Monday - Friday11.30 – 14.30

Dakanjeong 135:-

Soy glaze, Gari, Spring onions and rice

Choose between crispy chicken and tofu

Kasai bowl 145:-

Sushi rice, Chili mayo, Crispy ginger, Spring onion

Choose between salmon and tofu

Sticky pork 135:-

Japanese kimchi, Furikake, Fried gari, Spring onion, Japanese rice, Sesame seeds

Dish of the week(22) 145:-

Deep fried pork, pickled red onion, salad, Koren bbq sauce, sesam, chives, rice

Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!