Asian lunch in Visby

Finally lunchtime!

Welcome to Visby's classic rooftops and beautiful sea views and enjoy a quick, delicious and affordable lunch. With us, every meal is an experience that we are proud to share with you.

Our lunch menu features a selection of the best of Japanese and Swedish cuisine in a delightful combination of newly created and innovative dishes.

The lunch holds the same quality as the rest of the restaurant's menu, but in a more efficient format, because we want you to have as much time as possible to enjoy your lunch.

Less time to wait and more time to eat, plain and simple.

Lunch menu

Open Fridays 11:30-15.00

Open Saturday 12:00-15:00

Edamame 75:-

with Kasai salt

Shrimp tempura 165:-

Chili mayo, candied walnuts, chives

Broccoli Tempura 155:-

Spicy shizo dressing


– Spicy tuna 155:-

Jalapeno, roe

– Edamame 155:-

Truffle, salted cucumber

BAO 1pc

– Pork Bao 85:-

Crisp salad, chili bean, sauce, spicy mayo

– Mushroom 85:-

Miso, almonds


Dakgangjeong  bowl 155:-

Crispy chicken, soy glaze, fried ginger, white rice

Ramen Noodle Soup 165:-

Pak choi, mushrooms, cabbage, homemade broth. Choose between pork or veg.

Yakiniku 155:-

Beef, pickled carrot, sesame, rice

Lunch of the day 145kr

Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!



Mochi 1 pc 45:-

Ice cream/sorbet 65:-

Beer & cider

Asahi superdry Draft 5,2% 65/88:-

Asahi superdry 5,2% 33cl 71:-

Wisby lager 4,7% 33cl 75:-

Sitting bulldog IPA 6,4% 33cl 88:-

White bulldog WIPA 6,9% 33cl 88:-

Cidraie 4% 33cl 75:-

Vistakulle dry apple 5,5% 33cl 95:-

LOW LOW rosé spritz 5% 33cl 75:-

Alcohol free

Livli Kombucha, Locally produced on single origin tea 65:-

Sparkling tea, Locally crafted alternative to sparkling wine 88:-/350:-

Soft drinks, Coca Cola, Fanta, Sprite, Coca Cola Zero 45:-

Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!