Kasai Brunch in Malmö


Brunch from Japanese cuisine

Saturday12.00 – 16.00

Welcome to Malmö's best brunch! For 3 years, we at Kasai have developed our magical brunch concept to serve you the absolute best of Japanese cuisine. Every Saturday, when the clock strikes 12.00, our restaurant is transformed into a place where unique flavor combinations meet atmospheric mood and where your company is always our highest priority.

Our brunch is our holy grail, and we're proud to offer everything from a delicious mix of our sushi and top quality hot dishes to our specially designed drinks menu that hints at flavors you've never tried before. Saturday all week? We wish!

Tourist, local or regular? Whoever you are and wherever you come from, we promise to give you an experience worth remembering. Welcome to Brunch at Kasai!


Brunch menu


Shrimp tempura

Chili mayo, Candied Wahlnuts, Spring onion

Crispy Rice Spicy Tuna

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Pork Bao

Crisp salad, Honey,Ginger glaze, Spicy majo,Pickled onion

Sushi Moriawase

Chefs choice

Grilled beef with rice

Soy Mayo, Timut glazeTogarashi


Chefs choice


Omakase veg

Haricot verts tempura

Soy-Ginger dressing

Crispy rice edamame & truffle

Crispy portabello, Pickledonion

Mushroom Bao

Crisp salad, Honey, Gingerglaze, Spicy majo, Pickled onion

Sushi moriwase

Chefs choice

Grilled cabbage with rice

Fried oyster, Nori, Soy mayo, Crispy ginger


Chefs choice


Al a Carte

Crispy rice spicy tuna 155:-

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Crispy rice edamame & truffle 145:-

Crispy portabello,Pickled onion

Pork Bao 85:-

Crisp salad, Honey,Ginger glaze, Spicy majo, Pickled onion

Shrimp tempura 170:-

Chili mayo, CandiedWalnuts, Spring onion

Haricot verts tempura 155:-

Soy-Ginger dressing

Grilled beef 295:-

Soy Mayo, Timu glazeTogarashi

Sushi Moriawase 235:-/295:-

Chefs Choice 9/12 pcs

Dessert Buffet 165:-

Chefs choice


John sparkling 145:- (12Cl)

Half sweet sparkling saké with elegant tones of roses, peach & pear

Dewazakura, junmai ginjo 144:- (9Cl)

Dry with medium body, fruity flavors with hints of apple and exotic fruits

Kid pink, junmai-daiginjo 162:- (9Cl)

Medium-dry, Full bodied, notes of exotic fruits like citrus, pears, mango, combined with elegant minerality

Tsukino katsura, junmai shu 144:- (9Cl)

Dry with medium body, fruity flavors with hints of apple

Taru, junmai shu 144:- (9Cl)

Dry sake with medium body, elegant with tones of mineral & pepper

Kamoizumi, junmai ginjo 144:- (9Cl)

Unfiltered sake very fruity whit hints of pineapple, coconut and melon

Kodakara yuzu sakè 144:- (9Cl)

Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!