A Dinner Club with all the extras

Since we opened the doors of Kasai, our goal has been to create moments worth remembering. A place where time and space become secondary and the present moment takes center stage. When we first introduced our Dinner Club, the dream was to invite you to an atmosphere where good food and drinks were mixed with atmospheric ambiance, musicians, DJs and unforgettable experiences and today Kasai's Dinner Club is a place where anything can happen. Here we don't break any rules - we create our own.

Welcome to the Kasai Dinner Club!

Rules of conduct and etiquette

  • Put your elbows on the table
  • Don't stop telling a story just because you have food in your mouth!
  • Laugh the loudest in the place, with us you never bother
  • Don't struggle with chopsticks if it's hard, eat with your hands!
  • Never let the napkin rest on your lap, it should be waved in the air.
  • Toast loudly and noisily in the glasses
  • Drink immediately after your toast, because who wants to look everyone in the eye?
  • Never stop dancing, instead throw away your shoes if your feet hurt.



Sushi moriawase

Crispy rice spicy tuna

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Shrimp tempura

Chili mayo,  Spring onion

Avocado taco

Mango, Salted cucumber, Shizo

Beef yakitori

Kimchi, Jalapeno, Pickles, Chili mayo, Tokyo fries



Omakase veg

Sushi moriawase

Crispy rice avocado

Avocado, Yuzu, Chili

Tempura belvedere broccoli

Togarashi, Spicy shizo dressing

Avocado taco

Mango, Salted cucumber, Shizo

King oyster yakitori

Green onion, Kasai oil, Korean pepper, Kimchi, Tokyo fries



Sushi & Sashimi


Sushi moriawase 255 / 325:-

Chefs Choice 9/12 pcs

Sushi collection 1445:-

16pcs Nigiri, 16pcs Maki, 16pcs Sashimi


Sashimi moriawase 265 / 345:-

Chefs Choice 9/12 pcs

Maki 5pcs/10pcs

Crispy tempura roll 275:-

Chili mayo, Tobiko roe, Crispy shrimp, Chives, Spicy tuna

Seared salmon roll 145:-/225:-:-

Torched korean mayo, Mezcal infused trout roe

Tuna tataki roll 155:-/235:-

Coffe, Wild pepper, Chili oil

Mushroom roll 145:-/225:-

Grilled portobello, White onion, Teriyaki, Miso, Parmesan


Grilled beef 325:-

Miso mayo, Sancho glaze, togarashi

Kombu confit pumpkin 275:-

Jasmin, vanilla, Finger lime, Pickled pumpkin

Yakitori collection 1695:-

Kimchi, Jalapeno pickles, Chili mayo, Tokyo fries

4 chicken

4 Beef

4 King oysters


Edamame 65:-

Kasai salt

Crispy rice spicy tuna 165:-

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Crispy rice edamame and truffle 3pcs 165:-

Crispy king oyster, pickled onion

Shrimp tempura 175:-

Chili mayo, Spring onion

Pork belly bao 95:-

Shiitake, Salty Cucumber, Pickled onion

Mushroom bao 95:-

Ponzu, Miso cream, Onion, Crisp salad

Snacks collection 1495:-

8 crispy rice , 4 bao , 8 Shrimp tempura, 4 beef tataki

Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!

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