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Packaged in a simpler and more accessible format

Kitchin means small kitchen in Japanese and is therefore a smaller version of our larger restaurants. Here, the guest will recognize the food, drink and atmosphere - but have everything packaged in a simpler and accessible format. Being a Kasai Kitchin franchisee is almost the same way!

Open a Kasai Kitchin or convert an existing unit?

We offer a turnkey concept with centrally developed tools and support functions. Everything from recipes, purchasing, establishment, interior design and more is already developed. So that you as a franchisee can focus on delivering the highest possible quality. At the same time, the head office is close at hand and gives you the service and help you may need.

As a Kasai Kitchin franchisee, we want you to be fully committed to the restaurant and have an eye for service and detail. When the franchisee is part of the operation and runs their restaurant on site, the results are often successful. This ensures that the quality is always at the same high level you would expect.

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