Japanese fusion restaurant and cocktail bar in Malmö.


Robata, Sushi & Izakaya

Kasai in the Sky is located on the 14th floor of Studiohuset in Malmö, just a few blocks from the Central Station. Here we invite you to three different kitchens where we mix Japanese barbecue tradition and sushi with creative interpretations of Japanese cuisine - all to insane panoramic views of Malmö and Öresund.

Kasai in the Sky is about so much more than filling stomachs and shaking drinks, it's about making everyone feel alive and creating experiences worth remembering.

Welcome to Kasai in the Sky!

Opening hours

Monday - Thursday17.00 – 23.00
Friday - Saturday17.00 – 00.00
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Monday - Friday11.30 – 14.30

Welcome to Kasai in the Sky and enjoy a quick, delicious and affordable lunch. With us, every meal is an experience that we are proud to share with you.

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Dinner menu



Sea salt

Sushi Moriawase

Chef’s choice 5 pcs

Shrimp tempura

Chili mayo, Candied Walnuts, Spring onion

Crispy rice spicy tuna

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Pork bao

Crisp salad, Chili bean sauce, Pickled onion, Chili mayo

Grilled beef

Sancho glaze, Togarashi, Miso mayo, Rice


Chef’s choice


Omakase veg


Sea salt

Sushi moriawase

Chef’s choice 5 pcs

Bellaverde broccoli tempura

Soy-Ginger dressing

Crispy rice Edamame & Truffle

Crispy portabello, Pickled onion

Mushroom bao

Crisp salad, Wasabi soy sauce, Miso mayo, Onion

Grilled cabbage

Mushroom oyster, Nori, Soy mayo, Crispy ginger, Rice


Chef’s choice


Sushi & Sashimi


Sushi moriawase 275:- / 330:-

chefs choice 9/12 pcs

Sushi collection 1495:-

16pcs Nigiri, 16pcs Maki, 16pcs Sashimi


Sashimi moriawase 285:-/365:-

chefs choice 9/12 pcs



Seared salmon roll 240:-

Cucumber, Grilled spring onion, Chili mayo, Chives, Roe

Mushroom roll 240:-

Mushroom tartar,Cucumber, Sesame, Miso aioli, Teriyaki, Parmesan

Crispy tempura roll 295:-

Spicy tuna tartar, Cucumber, Crispy shrimp, Chili mayo, Roe, Chives

Surf & turf roll 295:-

Beef, Grilled spring onion, Soya butter, Shrimp tempura, Chili mayo, Chives


Nigiri selection 1pcs

Salmon 40:-

Roe, Chives

Tuna 45:-

Miso aioli, Sesame

Hamachi 55:-

Soya butter, Shiso

Seabass 55:-

Pickled red onion

Beef 55:-

Soya mayo, Sancho glaze, Shiso


Edamame 65:-

Sea salt

Crispy rice spicy tuna 3pcs 175:-

Spicy tuna, Tobiko roe

Crispy rice edamame & Truffle 3pcs 175:-

Crispy portabello, Pickled onion

Shrimp tempura 185:-

Chili mayo, Candied Walnuts, Spring onion

Bellaverde broccoli tempura 185:-

Soy-Ginger dressing

Pork bao 115:-

Robata pork belly, Honey and ginger glaze, Salad, Spicy mayo, Pickled onions

Mushroom & Almond Bao 115:-

Robata mushroom, Honey & ginger glaze, Crisp salad, Spicy mayo, Pickled onions

Snacks collection 1495:-

8 Crispy rice, 8 Shrimp Tempura, Broccoli Tempura, 4 Pork Belly Bao



Grilled beef 335:-

Sancho glaze, Soy mayo

Grilled Salmon 320:-

Ginger dressing, Trout roe

Grilled cabbage 290:-

Mushroom oyster, Nori, Soy mayo, Crispy gari


Japanese kimchi 65:-

Shizo, Cabbage

Miso & Saké infused cucumber 65:-

Rice 45:-


Chocolate dome 165:-

Hazelnuts, Passionfruit, Miso caramel, Vanilla ice cream

Mochis 1 pc 55:-

Sorbet/Ice cream 55:-

Chefs choice


Allergies? Ask our staff, we are happy to help you!