Ochaya have arrived!

Stockholms first Japanese Dinner Club!

Stockholm's firstJapanese dinner club has officially arrived. It's called Ochaya and is a part of Kasai, the also newly opened Japanese Restaurant at Linnégatan 18.

Kasai opened it's doors late in august this summer as a very ambitios effort to introduce the Japanese Dinner Club concept to the restaurant and nightclub goers of the Swedish capital. Behind the knives where, and is, masterchef Danny Elmaleh who apart from this part in Kasai is the head of the widley known and established US hospitality group - SBE and all their restaurants.

Kasai’s menu is where the traditional Japanese cuisine with focus on high class ingridients meets the colorful, exciting flavours from southern California.
— Danny Elmaleh, masterchef of Kasai

Chef Danny explains how he developed the menu for Kasai with his childhood in mind. How he, as both part Japanese and part Maroccan, really got to express his culture and inspiration from living in Marocco, Japan, Italy and then southern California.

The founders of Kasai and Ochaya is Paulo Fagundez, Jerry Forsberg and Felix Granander - a team that is bringing their international experience to the table with more than a decade of working at some of the world's leading restaurants, hotels, bars and nightclubs. Where they started at the bottom and worked themself up to managing roles.

After many years abroad, gathering experience, I met Jerry while I worked at Café Opera as General Manager. We instantly knew we shared an ambition to do something with all of our knowledge”
— Paulo Fagundez, Co-Founder of Kasai

The founding team had long envisioned a place where they would bring in a masterful chef like Danny, whom Paulo Fagundez got to know while working for the SBE group out of Los Angeles, to be in charge of the kitchen. Paulo and Jerry would combine Dannys menu with their expertise in a different kind of restaurant slash nightclub experience - filled with show, champagne and international DJ's.

If there is anything we can proudly state, it’s this: We are the best at party. Together we have worked on the best nightlife venues the world have to offer. Nobody in Stockholm can come close. I know they travel to Miami, L.A and Dubai to get inspiration but we where there, living it, developing it.
— Paulo Fagundez Co-founder of Kasai

Ochaya - where dinner becomes show & clubbing

Late September it was time for Ochaya to open as well! Ochaya is located at the bottom floor of the venue, a long stair leads you down directly to the dinner club. Here you will find the dark green velvet sofas and a long catwalk that goes from a dinner table to a catwalk slash stage for the many entertainers that is passing through the night at Ochaya. Each friday and saturday, when Ochaya is open, the show is always kept a surprise. You will just have to wait and see if a Geisha suddenly is dancing in front of your table where you are eating your last piece of divine nigiri or if a giant Sumo wrestler sneaks up behind you as you dance the night away. 


Open: Fridays & Saturdays 21:00 - 02

100 people sitting
180 Standing

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In Japan, an ochaya (お茶屋?, literally "tea house") is an establishment where patrons are entertained by geisha. Ochaya are located in geisha districts (花街 hanamachi?), and are today most numerous in Kyoto, though they can be found in geisha districts in other cities, such as Tokyo.

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