DELÄGARE Jerry ÄR "up & running"

Kasai öppnade sina dörrar i slutet av augusti och restaurangen har tagit av alltmer.
Hör medgrundare Jerry Forsberg om vad han tänker nu när Kasai är mer igång än någonsin.

 Knives from  Zwilling

Knives from Zwilling

"Jag är helt speachless. Även med vår höga ambition kunde jag aldrig ha drömt om Kasai skulle bli så populärt som det har blivit. Min telefon ringer utan stopp, vi är fullbokade i flera månader och har varit sedan starten. Jag är bara så stolt och glad att folk gillar det som har varit en dröm i så många år "

 Knives from  Zwilling

Knives from Zwilling

What's chef Dannys most important tool?

Chef Danny Elmaleh is a true master of all things delicious. What is his tool of choice, most valued for creating magic in the kitchen at Kasai?

"Except for my knives I feel my hands are the No. 1 tool in being a chef for touch, feel and the art of manipulating ingredients with precision. Next to the hands, I’m always looking for a spoon, which I use for almost everything, including tasting, measuring, plating and mixing."

 Images from  Liselotte Forslin

Images from Liselotte Forslin

Five star review by Mitt i Östermalm

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Kasai takes us to umami heaven

Gourmet and Gourmand visited one of Östermalms most hyped dinner clubs, and ended up in umami heaven.

Kasai Linnégatan've barely had time to open before the hype went to the moon. An award-winning star chef, flown in from Los Angeles, and a hand-picked team of chef Shibumi and Raw Culture helped to raise expectations.

On the restaurant's own Instagram interspersed celebrities like Rebecca and Fiona, star broker Fredrik Eklund and Zlatan fuming with whiskey cocktails and dancing Geishas. The owners want to keep the "Hotel" hotspot feeling, but attract a more mature audience. They have succeeded. The average age of visitors is around 40 and the sense is international business after work.

The menu includes snacks, salads, sashimi, sushi, Robata (spit), and special dishes. Gourmet and Gourmand is recommended to take at least two courses each, depending on size.

The first, crispy rice with spicy tuna (125 SEK), is a nigiri with fried rice and finely chopped, hot tuna and roe of flying fish. Morsel are so good that Gourmand tempted to order a second one. Sashimi of albacore with Japanese mushrooms, truffles and garlic butter sauce (135 $) are extremely tasty and in addition insanely beautiful. None of garlic timid.

Gourmet ordering a sushi of the scallop, truffle mayonnaise and shiso leaves (65 SEK). A umamiexplosion. This is the most delicious sushi he has ever eaten.

- How will I ever be able to order take away sushi again? said Gourmé.

It's time to test the meat supply - and Gourmand decides bao with smoked pork (120 SEK). The meat is so crisp it crackles in your ears and dressing on fish sauce caramel isperfect balanced between sweet and salty.

Friends finish the evening with a slider on wagyubiff, foie gras, quail, plum sauce and mushrooms (185 SEK). This is extra everything, and it's so good that they almost fall off the chairs.

So, there is something to criticize? It would be environment. After 21 o'clock, it is well Bustling and sometimes they have to shout to make themselves heard.

- How Bustling will be a restaurant anyway? said Gourmé.

- How Bustling any time, whether they serve this kind of food, says Gourmand.



"Our nightclub Ochaya will be something special. Something completely new for Stockholm. A dinner club where you'll start your evening with a dinner, a set menu of the best fusion sushi and Japanese cuisine, then as the night comes closer the music will get louder and louder, gradually. All of a sudden you're dancing, sipping on champagne or a cocktail and watching the geisha's or some of our other surprises and confetti is raining" - @jerry_forsberg


Restaurant manager Maria Dahlin

"I started working in this business when I was 14, at a café. And from there it just rolled on. As soon as I turned 18 I started working at a bar in Stockholm but I felt I wanted to be more hands on with the guests. So applied and got a job at the noble Grand Hotel as a waitress and got to learn the foundations and the standard from @leadinghotelsoftheworld "

"I always felt the urge to develop. To get better and to get new challenges. But where ever I worked I always gave it my all, and did my years at each establishment I've worked on. I love meeting new people, that's one big thing for me in this line of work. And I truly understand the concept of a high end restaurant, it's not the food or the service - it's the combination that brings the best experience to the guests. And as a restaurant manager that always begins with my leadership. To get the guys & girls serving our guests to understand it, too."

Co-Founder Jerry Forsberg's story

"I attended a restaurant school in my hometown of Malmö as a teenager. At the same time I worked as a busboy at a restaurant and a nightclub. I never had second thoughts, I love this industry - to work with service and meeting people. Once I was done with the restaurant school I moved to London and attended bartender school and worked at different bars and nightclubs. It just felt so right to work where people went to have fun. I was made for this."

"After some time back home I traveled the world by sea as I worked on a luxury liner. I had seen more of the world than anyone I'd ever known and I had confirmed what I felt in London - hospitality was my passion. I later went back to London to study Hotel management and got a job at Sir Richard Branson's members club "The Roof Garden" as the VIP Manager. There I learned the art of service to it's perfection."

"After I finished the Hotel management school I packed my bag once again and flew to Melbourne in Australia and worked as a concierge at a hotel. Melbourne was so different yet I felt like home. While in Melbourne, I got an offer to open a new nightclub in Dubai, an offer I couldn't say no to so I continued my journey. The nightclub in Dubai was called Supperclub and my role was Guest relations manager as well as the VIP manager. Dubai offers the gold standard of luxury and service so I had the chance to further sharpen my skills and experience. I loved Dubai so much."

"After Dubai I moved back to Stockholm and I shortly there after met Paulo. We were like minded, had both seen the world and shared a dream of opening our own place. During my years in London and Dubai I loved places like Zuma and Nobu and always wondered why it didn't exist in Stockholm. We decided this is what's missing in #stockholm. And with our international experience, we would be the only ones who could do the concept justice - and beyond that - to evolve it even further than our sources of inspiration"

Co-Founder Paulo Fagundez's story

"I moved to London when I was 18 years old, what felt like a day or two after graduation. I wanted to see the world as soon as I possibly could, not a second later. I don't really remember what I expected but I do remember it was so much harder to get a job than I'd ever thought. After a couple of hundred "No" I finally got a "Yes" and my first job in London was as a doorman at the Ritz, greeting guests and making sure they had a warmth welcoming. And that's how my journey in the hospitality industry started."

"After I had been living in London for a while and experienced the nightlife a big, international city had to offer. I had become more and more intrigued with it. And now I wanted to become a part of it. Shortly after I landed a job at the hottest place in town at the time, "Momos", as a bar-back. That's an assistant to the bartender. I would do stuff like cutting lime, making sure the they had plenty of ice and all while international A-list celebrities danced the night away from the other side of the bar. And I loved every second of it. I knew then that nightlife is what I'm going to do and I'm going to be the best at it."

"My goal from that first night at Momos was my own place. But first I needed to learn. So I decided to move to L.A in order to learn from the very best. And I thought London was hard but that was easy compared to L.A. I applied for what felt like thousands of jobs before landing a bartender gig at the world's famous #theabbey. My story had just begun.

"L.A was like coming home. I loved the warm weather, the beaches and the people. Everybody in L.A had a drive just like me. Most of the people I worked with were bartenders slash actors but I had another ambition in mind. I wanted to become the very best at this - the hospitality industry. After The Abbey I started working at Katsuya, perhaps one of the most well known Japanese restaurants in Hollywood and a part of SBE, the hospitality group with establishments all over the US. I got the chance to work with some of the world's best chefs, bartenders, managers, waiters and directors of operations. Every long day of work, followed by a even longer night of more work I saw as one thing; learning."

"After a few years in L.A I had gone from a bartender to become the SBE's Opening GM (General Manager) responsible for all their openings. I had paid my dues and worked my way up all while I gathered world class experience. I started to feel ready for the next thing. My own place. But I wanted to do it where it all begin, In Sweden. After working a year in Miami after I left L.A, I moved back to Stockholm and began working towards my goal. In the meantime I created the VIP nightclub Bergmans with Patrik Slettman and later on became the GM of Café Opera before teaming up with my partner Jerry Forsberg to start Scandinavia's most successful party brunch concept Bubbles & Brunch - And now, together with Jerry and our other co-founder Felix we just opened Kasai - my first own place. It took some time and a whole lot of work for that 18 year old behind the bar at Momos in London to do it. But he did it."

The Sushi bar - Lost in translation

"The sushi bar of Kasai makes you think of Lost in Translation. Imagine you're sitting next to Charlotte. A young, blonde, beautiful american, whom you never met before and you look over the sushi bar at the chefs as they prepare your nigiri, piece by piece, then placing them gently in front of you. She says "I tried taking pictures, but they were so mediocre. I guess every girl goes through a photography phase. You know, horses... taking pictures of your feet."


"Bob: Can you keep a secret? I'm trying to organize a prison break. I'm looking for, like, an accomplice. We have to first get out of this bar, then the hotel, then the city, and then the country. Are you in or you out?

Charlotte: I'm in. I'll go pack my stuff.

Bob: I hope that you've had enough to drink. It's going to take courage." This is perhaps what was said in this picture.

Or just a gentleman ordering a cocktail as he waits for a nigiri in the sushi bar. "

kasai sushi bar

"We're opening in 30 minutes for the first time. We did do some test dinners to make sure the food, cocktails and service had the high standard we wanted. Now we are expecting the first guests to arrive."