Chef Danny Almaleh

"Chef Danny smiles after diving deep into a conversation about a dish from the menu. No detail is too small when ensuring culinary perfection. Danny actually arrived to Stockholm just a few days ago from L.A where he is the executive chef for all of SBE's restaurants including places like the very popular Katsuya. But, of course, he didn't start out at the top of the game. After he graduated from the Culinary Institute of America in 1995, chef Danny worked at many restaurants around the world, including Jean Moulin in Japan and Ristorante Giannino in Milan and later on, in 2001, he packed his bags and flew to Los Angeles - beginning with cooking at Josiah Citrin's "Mélisse" and "Lemon Moon". Can you imagine - a life with a obsession with the art of cooking, hours upon hours crafting that skill, learning from the best from all parts of the world and eventually becoming the best. And now his creations have arrived to Stockholm. Well, in a few days at least."


"I'm part Japanese and part Moroccan so I definitely take inspiration from my childhood as I have lived all around the world and experienced many different cuisines. I try to blend many different cultures into my menus, ultimately presenting light and fresh offerings that feature unique elements."