Five star review by Mitt i Östermalm

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Kasai takes us to umami heaven

Gourmet and Gourmand visited one of Östermalms most hyped dinner clubs, and ended up in umami heaven.

Kasai Linnégatan've barely had time to open before the hype went to the moon. An award-winning star chef, flown in from Los Angeles, and a hand-picked team of chef Shibumi and Raw Culture helped to raise expectations.

On the restaurant's own Instagram interspersed celebrities like Rebecca and Fiona, star broker Fredrik Eklund and Zlatan fuming with whiskey cocktails and dancing Geishas. The owners want to keep the "Hotel" hotspot feeling, but attract a more mature audience. They have succeeded. The average age of visitors is around 40 and the sense is international business after work.

The menu includes snacks, salads, sashimi, sushi, Robata (spit), and special dishes. Gourmet and Gourmand is recommended to take at least two courses each, depending on size.

The first, crispy rice with spicy tuna (125 SEK), is a nigiri with fried rice and finely chopped, hot tuna and roe of flying fish. Morsel are so good that Gourmand tempted to order a second one. Sashimi of albacore with Japanese mushrooms, truffles and garlic butter sauce (135 $) are extremely tasty and in addition insanely beautiful. None of garlic timid.

Gourmet ordering a sushi of the scallop, truffle mayonnaise and shiso leaves (65 SEK). A umamiexplosion. This is the most delicious sushi he has ever eaten.

- How will I ever be able to order take away sushi again? said Gourmé.

It's time to test the meat supply - and Gourmand decides bao with smoked pork (120 SEK). The meat is so crisp it crackles in your ears and dressing on fish sauce caramel isperfect balanced between sweet and salty.

Friends finish the evening with a slider on wagyubiff, foie gras, quail, plum sauce and mushrooms (185 SEK). This is extra everything, and it's so good that they almost fall off the chairs.

So, there is something to criticize? It would be environment. After 21 o'clock, it is well Bustling and sometimes they have to shout to make themselves heard.

- How Bustling will be a restaurant anyway? said Gourmé.

- How Bustling any time, whether they serve this kind of food, says Gourmand.