Co-Founder Jerry Forsberg's story

"I attended a restaurant school in my hometown of Malmö as a teenager. At the same time I worked as a busboy at a restaurant and a nightclub. I never had second thoughts, I love this industry - to work with service and meeting people. Once I was done with the restaurant school I moved to London and attended bartender school and worked at different bars and nightclubs. It just felt so right to work where people went to have fun. I was made for this."

"After some time back home I traveled the world by sea as I worked on a luxury liner. I had seen more of the world than anyone I'd ever known and I had confirmed what I felt in London - hospitality was my passion. I later went back to London to study Hotel management and got a job at Sir Richard Branson's members club "The Roof Garden" as the VIP Manager. There I learned the art of service to it's perfection."

"After I finished the Hotel management school I packed my bag once again and flew to Melbourne in Australia and worked as a concierge at a hotel. Melbourne was so different yet I felt like home. While in Melbourne, I got an offer to open a new nightclub in Dubai, an offer I couldn't say no to so I continued my journey. The nightclub in Dubai was called Supperclub and my role was Guest relations manager as well as the VIP manager. Dubai offers the gold standard of luxury and service so I had the chance to further sharpen my skills and experience. I loved Dubai so much."

"After Dubai I moved back to Stockholm and I shortly there after met Paulo. We were like minded, had both seen the world and shared a dream of opening our own place. During my years in London and Dubai I loved places like Zuma and Nobu and always wondered why it didn't exist in Stockholm. We decided this is what's missing in #stockholm. And with our international experience, we would be the only ones who could do the concept justice - and beyond that - to evolve it even further than our sources of inspiration"