Restaurant manager Maria Dahlin

"I started working in this business when I was 14, at a café. And from there it just rolled on. As soon as I turned 18 I started working at a bar in Stockholm but I felt I wanted to be more hands on with the guests. So applied and got a job at the noble Grand Hotel as a waitress and got to learn the foundations and the standard from @leadinghotelsoftheworld "

"I always felt the urge to develop. To get better and to get new challenges. But where ever I worked I always gave it my all, and did my years at each establishment I've worked on. I love meeting new people, that's one big thing for me in this line of work. And I truly understand the concept of a high end restaurant, it's not the food or the service - it's the combination that brings the best experience to the guests. And as a restaurant manager that always begins with my leadership. To get the guys & girls serving our guests to understand it, too."